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About My Practice

I am a Meditation, Sound and Breathwork Practitioner, based in Denmark. I have been offering Healing sessions and facilitating Women’s Circles, Sound Baths and Retreats internationally for several years. Prior to becoming a Space Holder, I lived a busy life in the corporate world. Making the decision to leave it all behind and follow my souls path, has been a powerful and adventurous journey, taking me into the depths of my being, seeking wisdom from the temples of Bali to the jungles and mountains of Central America. While originally from Denmark, I have previously lived in Malaysia, Canada, America, and Costa Rica, which I consider to be my second home.


I offer Individual Healing Sessions, Sound Baths, Women's Circles, Workshops, Retreats and Mother Blessings.


My offerings

Guided Meditation & Sound Bath

Enjoy a guided meditation, followed by the soothing sounds of crystal bowl vibrations.

This is a space where I invite you to come together with others in a relaxing and soothing environment that will recharge your body, mind and spirit.


Private Healing Session

I offer individual Healing Sessions, which include Sound Healing, Rebirthing Breathwork and Energetic Touch. These various modalities activate a safe space, where you feel supported and seen. Bringing your body to relaxation, activating your life energy and allowing your body and soul to be nourished. 

"Sound is the medicine of the future"

Edgar Cayce



Would you like to journey deep within yourself?


I offer several retreats throughout the year in Denmark, Sweden and Costa Rica. These retreats include deep meditation, traditional sweat lodge, sound baths, ceremonies and more. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly if you would like to know more or have any questions.



Private Healing Session                                                                  1.5 Hour / 1.000 DKK


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+45 26827220

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