Upcoming Retreats

Would you like to journey deep within yourself?


I offer several retreats throughout the year in Denmark, Sweden and Costa Rica. These retreats include deep meditation, traditional sweat lodge, sound baths, ceremonies and more.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly if you would like to know more or have any questions.

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Shaman Retreat 
Jan. 17th-20th 2022

Would you like to take a journey deep within yourself? Then join Jesper Westmark and me on January 17th for a 4 day Shamanic immersion in Sjövik Sweden.

We will guide you through Traditional Sweat Lodges, Sound Baths, Meditation and Ceremonies. Bringing you back home to yourself and reconnecting with nature.

Follow the link below to secure your spot, or reach out to me directly if you have any questions.

Plant Medicine Immersion
Costa Rica
March 2nd - 6th 2022

Would you like to travel to beautiful Costa Rica and spend 5 days in the cloud forest of Monteverde, while sitting in deep ceremony. Then join me on March 2nd at Finca Camino Nuevo in Monteverde.

This plant medicine retreat offers a safe space where you can release old belief systems, clear out traumas and learn more about the deeper layers within your self, regain more energy, become inspired and join a group of individuals who are on the same journey, in the lush picturesque environment, deeply connecting with nature.

The retreats schedule.

1 day with Temazcal Sweat lodge

2 ceremonies with Grandmother plant medicine

1 day with Kambo ceremony

Daily integration circles, nature walks and Sound Baths

Price: 12.000 DKK (1.900 USD).

Deposit of 3.000 DKK (475 USD) to reserve your spot.

Includes all ceremonies, board and lodging. Does not include flight tickets or transport to and from the Retreat center..


It is possible to book a private room one night before the retreat and one night after, if you wish to settle in and have an extra day for integration. 

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