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The Reconnect Retreat
Österlen Southern Sweden
May 26th-29th

Would you like to reconnect deep within yourself? Then join Marie Louise Stroyberg  and Natalie Juul for a 4 day immersion in  Österlen Southern Sweden.


We will guide you through Yoga, Sauna Gus, Sound Baths, Meditation, Silent Walks and Cacao Ceremony. Bringing you back home to yourself and reconnecting with nature.

Magic Tea Retreat
Österlen Southern Sweden
June 17th-19th 2022

Would you like to take a journey deep within yourself? Then join Victoria Nygart and me on April 22nd for 3 days immersion, reconnecting with yourself and nature in the magical surroundings of Österlen.

We will guide you through Sauna Gus, Sound Baths, Meditation and Ceremonies. Bringing you back home to yourself.

Follow the link below to secure your spot, or reach out to me directly if you have any questions.


Women's Retreat
Deep Meditation

Österlen Southern Sweden
Sept 29th - Oct 2nd


This Women's Deep Meditation Retreat offers profound healing and insight which can assist in releasing of old belief patterns and traumas. These meditation sessions offer incredible opportunities for personal enquiry, healing and restoring connection between our inner masculine and feminine selves. Our approach is shamanic and we work with healing modalities from the Amazon.

Deep Meditation allows people to reconnect to the spirit of the earth and connect with our higher consciousness. This work is balancing and harmonious, bringing into alignment the body, mind and spirit.

Set in the beautiful surroundings of Österlen, Southern Sweden, Natalie and Samantha will guide you through Ecstatic Dance, Yoni Steaming, Sauna, Nature Walks, Sound Healing, Cacao Ceremony, Deep Meditation and more. This 4 day retreat will reconnect you to nature, your self and sisterhood

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Awaken In The Woods
Conscious Festival
July 14th-17th

Awaken In The Woods

Conscious Festival

July 14th-17th we invite you to join us for the magical 4 day conscious festival, Awaken in the woods at Sjövik in Sweden.

We will gather in community, in the beautiful surroundings of Sjövik in Vaxjo. Surrounded by the Swedish forest and the wonderful lake, that invites for refreshing swims and dips, in between the vibrant program we have planned for you.

You will be guided through yoga, meditation, sweat lodges, cacao ceremony, ecstatic dance, sound healing and exciting talks. Stimulating your body, mind and soul. There will be plenty of time for you to relax in nature, connect with new lovely people and reconnect with yourself. This festival is created from a deep desire to bring us all together in a loving community, creating a soul full environment, where it's possible to eliminate the noise from the fast paced modern life and return back home to your self.

Bring your own tent and camp in nature. Nutritional vegetarian meals are included.

July 14th-17th
Price: 4000 DKK
Place: Sjövik

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