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Disconnect to Reconnect

Enjoy 5 days and 4 nights of sisterhood with us in the jungle of Costa Rica beside the pristine Rio Naranjo (river). Bathe in the sweetness of your soul with days of deep healing through yoga, crystal bowl sound baths, sharing circles, traditional Mesoamerican sweat lodge, river bathing and organic vegan nourishment.


What's on offer

  • Accommodations for 5 days and 4 nights

  • Three organic vegan meals daily

  • Daily morning yoga practice

  • Crystal Mala Necklace Making + Ritual Workshop

  • Temezcal Ceremony: Traditional Sweatlodge

  • Sharing circles

  • River Blessings

  • Crystal Sound Bowl Healing Meditations

  • Beach and River Days

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Natalie Juul is a Meditation and Sound Practitioner, previously based in Toronto, currently resting in her home country of Denmark, while on the move to bring her gift to Boston. She has been facilitating Women’s Circles internationally for several years. Prior to becoming a Sound Healer, Natalie became a Certified Hatha as well as Prenatal Yoga Instructor. While originally from Denmark, she has previously lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where Ubud, Bali was her second home. ​

She offers Women's Circles, Sound Baths, Workshops, Mother&Baby Blessings and Individual Sound Healing.

Kassidy Brisbin is the founder and Crystal Curator of Owl+Wolf Malas, a company that has been creating high-vibe crystal malas for meditation, beauty and to raise vibrations since 2016.

After becoming a Holistic Nutritionist, Kassidy moved to Bali to study Hatha Yoga, Ritual + Meditation. Her workshops focus on tapping into creativity and using ritual, mantra and affirmation to help you create the mala and practice that will align most deeply with your intentions so you can call in the abundant life you desire.

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The Eco-Lodge

Posada Natura Costa Rica is seated above one of the cleanest rivers left on earth, Rio Naranjo and is surrounded by 2600 acres of protected rainforest. 
The proceeds from retreats held at Posada Natura go to maintaining our rainforest parklands in unison with the vision of their umbrella non-profit organization, Circle of Sacred Nature to fund efforts to provide opportunities for people to heal and conserve the rainforest. 

The facilities include

  • A saltwater pool and jacuzzi

  • Massage 

  • Reiki&Energy Healing

  • Healing Services

  • Herbal Steam Bath and Botanical Shower infused with organic and freshly harvested lemongrass, cinnamon, ginger, lime leaf, ylang ylang and other aromatics and flowers grown on site

  • The Naranjo River 

Temazcal Ceremony


Temazcal is a Native American sweat lodge ritual and spiritual practice in which traditional healing methods are used to encourage reflection and introspection. The process rids the body of stored toxins through sweating, the spirit is renewed through ritual. 

This sweat lodge ritual takes place in a circular, dome-shaped structure that represents the womb, and the entire process is meant to metaphorically and spiritually represent the process of re-birth. 

Participants are actively involved in each part of the ceremony which involved creating a sacred fire over which river rocks are heated, a mandala and altar are created, and communal

prayers are made. The ceremony continues inside the lodge where the red hot rocks are placed and participants experience deep release and catharsis. Afterward everyone is encouraged to bathe in the cool waters of the river to wash away the toxins of the old  life that was just released through this process. 
Our facilitators are trained in traditional Mexican indigenous traditions for facilitation. They have facilitated hundreds of ceremonies and are fully equipped to care for participants during their experience inside the lodge.


Cozy up in the two story river front villas nestled in the bamboo and lush rainforest. Each of the villas has an upstairs queen bed master bedroom with an open air balcony overlooking the river, as well as a private twin bedroom. Downstairs in the common area there are two additional twin beds. Each villa accommodates 4-5 people.

All villas are equipped with a bathroom and shower. Hard wood and river stone accent the cabins decor, while the A-frame structure creates an upward flow of energy.

Early Bird prices - end December 6th 2019:

  • Private Queen Master Bedroom with Balcony - $1450 USD

  • Private Twin Room - $1400 USD

  • Twin Bed Shared Accommodation - $1350 USD

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Secure your spot by transferring a deposit of $500 USD via Paypal to, full payment is due by January 6th 2020

Include; full name, contact info, "Reconnect" and desired accommodation

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on

Commonly asked Questions:

Q: Is transport included in the retreat price?
A: Transport is not included in the price for the retreat. We will provide an optional shuttle bus from San Jose Airport on Feb 6th at 10am, that will take you directly to Posada Natura, as well as one back to San Jose Airport on Feb 11th after lunch, for an additional cost of approx 35-45 USD each way (price depends on how many people join the shuttle bus). The drive is approximately 3,5 hours long.

Q: Can I get to Posada Natura on my own?

A: Yes you definitely can! There are flights to Quepos from San Jose, buses and taxi's that can transport you to Posada Natura. Taxi's cost approx 150 USD from San Jose to Posada Natura and takes approximately 3,5 hours.

Q: Is Costa Rica safe? I’m nervous about traveling alone, especially since I don’t speak Spanish. 
A: Costa Rica is very safe and most people speak English. There are many solo women travellers, so even if you decide to make your own way to Posada Natura from the Airport, you will be able to find good taxi drivers who speak English.

Q: When should I fly in and out of Costa Rica?
A: If you decide to join the shuttle bus from San Jose Airport to Posada Natura on Feb 6th at 10am, you should make sure you arrive in San Jose the night before. There are many hotels, hostels and airbnb's just by the airport. If you plan to fly straight back home after the retreat, it is recommend that you book a late evening flight on Feb 11th or early morning flight on the 12th, as the shuttle bus will be leaving Posada Natura after lunch. The trip is approx 3,5 hours. Many people either arrive a week before or stay a week after the retreat to enjoy more of the beautiful country. It is highly recommendable to stay in Costa Rica for a few days or even a week after the retreat to integrate, relax and enjoy all the magic that this beautiful country has to offer. If you have to travel back straight after, this is also perfectly fine.

Q: What if I have a food sensitivities?
A: Because Posada Natura has a private in house chef, we can accommodate most dietary restrictions.

Q: What if I don’t do much yoga?
A: There is yoga every morning on the retreat which is suitable for all levels, so don't worry, even if you have never done yoga before you will be able to participate.

Q: What if I am afraid of being in the jungle?
A: Posada Natura is located very close to civilisation, however when you are on the grounds you feel as though you are completely secluded and wrapped in nature. Not to worry, we won't be located deep in the amazon jungle.

Q: Do I need a Visa to travel to Costa Rica?
A: No, just a valid passport

Please know that all questions asked are good questions... So feel free to reach out if you want to ask about anything!

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